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Baltimore Oriole

black-capped chickadee The Baltimore Oriole is eyecatching with it's bright orange, black, and white markings. They can be found most commonly in the eastern United States during the summer months. These orioles are also found in the central United States and Canada but less commonly. In the winter months, they travel farther south towards South America, in search of more tropical climates. They sing with a loud flute-like sound. On average, the oriole measures 6-7 inches. The Baltimore Oriole likes to make their nests along forest edges and open areas with scattered trees. Their diet consists of caterpillars, other insects, fruits, and berries. These birds can be easily lured to backyard feeders.

Tips For Attracting Orioles

- Grape jelly is very popular among these birds so If you are wanting to attract them to your backyard, make sure to put some out.

- The Baltimore Oriole seems to be attracted to the color orange so it's a good idea to have something orange either on or near the feeder you are using.

- Orioles also enjoy eating oranges. Cut the oranges in half and place them on your feeder.

- For some more detailed tips on how to attract orioles to your backyard, check out this great blog article from Birds and Blooms:

Top Tips For Attracting Orioles to Your Yard

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