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American Kestrel

american kestrelThe American Kestrel, also known as the Sparrow Hawk, is North America's smallest falcon and also the most common. These birds have some beautiful markings with distinct black stripes on the sides of their faces. You can find them perching on telephone wires and in open areas with few trees. They mostly eat insects like beetles, grasshoppers, and moths but sometimes also eat larger creatures like mice, frogs, and small snakes.

Tips For Mounting an American Kestrel House

- An American Kestrel birdhouse should be placed 10-30 feet high.

- Some good spots to place this house are on lone trees in pastures, fields, meadows, or orchards with mowed or graved vegetation. It could also be placed along edges of woodlots or on farm buildings.

- Add 2-3 inches of fresh wood shavings on the bottom of the house before each season.